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Slow Life Scanning @ The House of Detention 


Slow Life Scanning is a technique we have been experimenting with over the last couple of years. In a similar manner to long exposure photography we are capturing motion over a period of time but rather than just a single 2D image, we capture this information in 3D.  The most recent series of these works have focused on choreographed traumatic and toured movements in The House of Detention, London.  We are fascinated by the long exposure objects which trace a movement in space.  The scanner eye view means the moving body casts shadows across its environment, blanking out vast swaths of the surroundings.

We are really interested in the images and films this is beginning to create but for us this project becomes architectural when we start to re-make these scanned objects at 1:1.  We are currently working to reproduce full size versions of these scans in cast metal.  To do this we will turn the scan data into digital instructions for robotic machining of the moulds required for metal casting.

We like the idea that you can go back and interact with a previous version of yourself and hope to work closely in the future with an emerging theatre group to test out some of these ideas. More info on both the machining process and our collaboration with the theatre world will follow soon...