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Regents Park, Carmody Groarke Architects, Frieze Art Fair


Frieze Art Fair takes place every October in Regent’s Park, London. showings works by more than 1000 artists which are represented by contemporary galleries from all over the world. The fair is hosted within a 20,000m2 temporary venue built from tented structures within the beautiful context of Regents Park, London.

This year the architects Carmody Groarke wanted to create a new experience for the public hospitality and VIP functions in the fair by wrapping a series of interlinked, translucent pavilions around the existing trees within the park.

ScanLAB provided Carmody Groarke with a detailed 3D scan of the all the surrounding trees and features within Regents Park. This allowed them to design their timber lined "rooms" as close as possible and gave them the confidence that the 20,000sqm pavilions, which needed to be constructed in only 10 days, would fit perfectly.